Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Joseph's daily routine

Joseph wakes up at 6:50. He washes his face at 6:55. Then he has a shower. At 7:07 he has breakfast: orange juice and bacon with eggs. When he finishes, at 7:17, he puts his clothes on. Then he goes to work to a factory.
After work, he has lunch no much, only a green salad at 12:30.Then, he goes classes karate in a big centre. One hour later, he goes to a swimming pool. After that, he goes to a supermarket and buy the basic. When he finishes, he goes home.
At 3:15, he´s at home, he tidies his bedroom, kitchen and living room, he puts the clothes in the washing machine and empties the bin.
At 5:00, he stops a moment for tea. When he finishes tea, returns to the housework.
He cleans the floor and the windows, he washes the dishes but, sometimes, he puts the dishes in the dishwasher, he feeds and walks the dog and then, he surfs the Internet, he loves surfing the Internet.
At 8:00 he goes to the living room and watches the TV for one hour. Then he cooks the dinner: fish, meat and potatoes. At 9:30, he has dinner.
When he finishes,he goes to living room and reads the newspaper. At 10:00, he goes to bathroom washes his teeth and then, reads a sports magazine. At 10:30 he goes to bed.
This is Joseph´s daily routines.